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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Tiny Reveal

The nursery is officially done!  I'd call this "The Big Reveal", but I have shown so many photos along the way, that there's not much left to be surprised by at this point.  We got a bookshelf for the room, anchored it to the wall, drilled a hole in the back for the ipod dock, and filled it with books and stuffed animals from books:

My friend Kim made this drawing for me in college, so happy it stuck around!

Tigger and a bunch of books I got a gifts.

Ipod dock and Texas book from my parents (plus a little bookworm from my book-themed shower).

Winnie the Pooh books I've had since I was a kid.

Do boys read "Olivia"?  We might have to switch this out for something else if it's a boy.

We plan on the kid reading the entire set by age 2.

The best part about these books is that they were all gifts from friends and family and they all have inscriptions to the baby in them.  They will be so fun to look through as we start reading them to the kid.

And voila!  I'm sure I'll be tinkering with this until the last minute (I'm already thinking about framing some of my shower invitations, plus we already replaced the ipod dock with a newer one than I have in above the photo).

Once we got the rug in there, it finally felt like a finished room, so here you have it!



Hopefully the baby likes it as much as we do and really likes books.  If not, well... I guess it can get a job and fund it's own renovation project.  P.S. It's also currently being featured on a baby nursery blog.


  1. Looks great and ready for a new baby! Checked out your pics on the nursery blog--you got a lot of hits! Also, browsed some of the other nurseries, including Theryn's, I mean, come on, Theryn??? Really folks???? [My apologies to anyone named Theryn]

  2. This is so random, but I just found your blog when I was searching for children's book themed nursery ideas (something I have wanted to do forever!). I am completely in love with what you did with your nursery and inspired to do my own take on it. Thanks for the inspiration, you guys did a fantastic job!

  3. Thank you! When we came up with the idea, I looked everywhere for ideas and couldn't believe how hard it was to find book-themed nurseries. Anyway, thanks!

  4. Your book themed nursery is SO cute! I would love to do some book cover art for my little girl's room. Did you just make copies of covers you own? Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Caitlin! My son is four now and we still have them up. It's fun now b/c he's reading some of the books and he gets excited about reading a new "book from his wall". Anyway, I actually never thought to make copies like that b/c i'm not sure it would photocopy well. I came up with a list (long list) of classic books I'd like to potentially include. Then I google image searched to see various covers. I narrowed down by the ones I like the best and had a high resolution. Then I just copied and pasted into ... I can't remember now. I may have just used something as basic a MS Word and formatted them to be either 8x10 or 5x7. Then printed on my home printer at the highest color level I could.

      The Giving Tree was an actual book cover which is why it's so much more vivid than the others.

      I hope that's helpful. Let me know if you have any more questions and thanks for checking out my blog!