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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who Loves Fans?

If I were to say that I will now tell you all about Michael and my father-in-law putting in a fan, I'd imagine that you'd skip right to the bottom of this post, thinking, "Who does she think she is?  This isn't a home improvement blog.  She needs to get over herself and go back to complaining about the cost of fried chicken or posing for pregnancy photos or other non-strenuous, non-Home Depot type items".  So fine, fair enough.  Snooze-alert accepted.  But to prove that it happened (and without all the drama involving my father-in-law telling Menards Hardware what's up when he made them discover that an entire line of fans they had were defective), I'll just post some pictures.  


I, as usual, was a huge help.  

I discovered, while helping, that when this lucky baby gets rocked to sleep in this chair, it's going to have a kick-ass view:

I also took the closet from this:

To this:

I am going to assume that you are all overwhelmed with excitement over this post and probably need to go lie down, so I'll leave the mind-blowing post about putting up the bookshelf for another day.

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