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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Playboy in War and Peace

You know what I'm talking about- when you were a kid and you were supposed to be reading "All the Pretty Horses" or whatever for school but you instead hid your comic book inside of it.  Ok, I don't know that anyone actually does this other than in movies, but it helps with my point because Michael and I do a toned down version of this.  We both read a large variety of books and sometimes this includes books of the young adult variety.  Luckily, they have removable book covers to take care of this little problem when in public.  For example, when I was reading the Twilight books and was taking the bus to work, I'd just take the embarrassing cover off of the book and no one around me would be the wiser.  Unfortunately for Michael, this plan is not going to work with the book he's currently reading.  

Book cover:

Book without cover:



  1. Best book ever about a guy who had his penis burned off in a fire.

  2. You should make one of those book covers out of a paper grocery bag like in junior high! Then you can decorate it yourself like with "duffy" with a heart around it. Done and done!