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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whoopie Pies, Thundersnow, And Where To Store Your Pez

I should probably start off by saying that there has been no baby-birthin' during the blizzard (which is still going strong). Surprisingly, we didn't lose power even with the appearance of 

Nope, not the name of a monster truck, just an amazing new word I learned last night as it snowed and thunder and lightening made a guest appearance.  Now while we wait for the blizzard to subside, I guess we just go back to regular-style waiting (as opposed to weather-panic-style waiting).  Michael is home from work today and is making me sit still (aka, no baby jostling).  I, on the other hand, am still thinking I can sneak out of the house and somehow make it to my doctor's appointment (I guess, that is, until he reads this).

But back to our regularly scheduled programing.  In these last few weeks of pregnancy, we have been trying to pack in as much as we can (and at the same time, trying to enjoy having nothing to do).  Along those lines, here are a few things we got in last weekend.

We took a brief intermission from all of the Oscar watching and went to the Music Box Theater for their Second Annual "Sundance USA" film program, where they screen a movie that is premiering at Sundance at the same time.  We saw "The Music Never Stopped", which we both really liked.  It has already been bought and is supposed to come out in March, so try and see it if you get a chance.  It was a very welcome change from what we saw last year.   

It was also really great to see J.K. Simmons in a leading role.  
You probably think I'm joking based on the picture I selected but for real, I love this guy.

Friday night I hung out with some of my girlfriends.  Also of note, I made and brought red velvet whoopie pies. Holy deliciousness.

Since Ali moved back to Michigan, we had to make sure she didn't feel left out so we took girl's night into the future and hooked up the video chat.

Saturday night, Michael and I went down to Little Italy and had a fantastic dinner at Tuscany.  Then on Sunday morning, we went to some open houses (no, we are not moving -yet- we just like to see what we can eventually get in our price range once we decide to make the leap... or the kid starts walking and we run out of room, whichever happens first).  A few promising places...

We were worried about where we'd keep our Pez collection.  Thank goodness for this helpful storage area.

Great way to keep track of when you ate your first cereals.

We hate having our tub water come out of a regular tap.  Our complaint was finally heard.

So that's all of the excitement we've got around here.  Time to go put a fire in the fireplace (done with minimal jostling) and continue to just... um, sit here I guess.


    1. the red velvet thing
    2. the Pez shelves
    3. the cereal shadow box
    4. entirely too much food for five women

    1. no blizzard baby
    2. that tub water from the ceiling thing. that would make me feel like a pet being bathed in a sink with the water falling down from above
    3. that man's toe thumbs

  2. Gross, now all I can see are his toe thumbs.

  3. Were the Pez things glued to the shelves? What exactly was the cereal in a frame? I couldn't read the words.

  4. Dude, I wasn't about to start messing around with the pez. The cereal, I have no idea. It would list the type of cereal, the brand, and then a date. It was ridic.

  5. Ha ha too funny. I was going to make Woopie Pies this weekend. Instead I stayed at home and did the craft thing. I have never made them before but I found a recipe. You should share your recipe. Love your Pez display.