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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birth Of The Cool*

Sixteen (!) days ago I walked into my doctor's office with a huge sense of impatience.  When is this kid going to decide to show up?  How many more days will I continue to feel like an expanding balloon and how many nights will I have to keep getting up to pee five times a night?  It turns out, zero.  My doctor told me to go home, eat lunch, grab my bags, and come back to meet our baby.  While Michael finished up at work, I tried to pass the time by doing some laundry, but it is such a weird thing to be at home knowing that in a few hours, we'd start the process that would change our lives forever.  Around 3:00pm, Michael came home and we headed for the hospital.

I had in my head a much different picture of how everything was going to go down: Michael timing contractions at home, a mad dash for the hospital, lots of swearing and screaming... so it was odd to calmly walk into the hospital and check myself in.  Odd, but nice because it was good to have all my witts about me and really be able to take every moment in.  So I get all checked in and hooked up and they tell us that it's a really slow night so we get the biggest delivery room in the hospital.  Booya.  

Once we got moved into the "luxury suite", things only got better.  Unlimited popsicles?  Yes, please.  Ice chips?  Well since ice cubes had become my most recent pregnancy craving, don't mind if I do.

They get me going on the Pitocin, which is meant to start/ speed up contractions and I can feel them immediately.  Turns out, I was having contractions before they hooked me up and I just didn't realize it, so the kiddo was probably going to show up that day anyway.  At first, the contractions were an annoyance.  Then, they started coming every 1-3 minutes and got a little more painful, but still more of just an uncomfortable pressure.  My doc asked if I wanted to go ahead and get the epidural (which I was all about) but I said I felt like a wimp asking for it this early if this was as bad as it was going to get.  She made sure I realized that it was just going to get worse, so I said sure, let's get the epidural going.  Well thank you, Jesus, for my doctor's advice because about 30 seconds later I started getting serious contractions.  Like, good God, everyone in the room shut the hell up while I grip the bed railings until they break contractions.  Once again, we lucked out since the hospital was having a slow night and the beautiful anesthesiologist was sticking a needle in my spine within minutes.

As soon as I was off in Happyland, my doctor said that Michael and I should try and get some sleep so our energy could be saved for what would probably be a late night/early morning delivery.  I had no problem with this, but it was only 8:00pm and Michael was trying to watch the Michigan basketball game.  His fix was to put it on mute and quickly turn it off each time a nurse came in the room so he wouldn't get busted.  Side note: one of the answers on Wheel of Fortune around this time was "Totally Awesome Water Park".  Stupid.

Around 1:30am I started to feel pressure in my pelvic area so I called the nurse and woke Michael up.  It was time!  I got a few rounds of pushing in and the doctor said we were one round away and we should all guess the gender.  Everyone (including me and Michael) said "girl" except for the (male) resident who said "boy".  One more round of pushing and that was it!  It's a boy!  The doctor handed him to me and we decided right away that he was "Miles" (we had a couple names on standby).  The next half hour was completely surreal.  I had Miles on my chest and Michael and I just kept looking at each other and then back to Miles.    

Less than thrilled to have been forced out.  

After Miles was all checked out by the nurse, we said goodbye to the luxury suite and were moved into the coat closet, our new home for the next two days.  Michael's bed was about as big as Miles's.

The next 48 hours were spent getting to know the little guy, trying to sleep when we could, and Miles getting whisked away for various shots and a circumcision.  It was always so cute when they brought him back because it was like he had been to the spa.  He always came back smelling delicious and with a cute new hairdo.
Somewhere in there he fit in his first photo shoot:


Not to mention the non-stop photos we took:

We can't help it.  We are totally smitten.

It was finally time for us to leave, so we bundled Miles up and headed out together for the first time as a family.

Thanks to everyone for the sweet phone calls, emails, flowers, homemade dinners, and visits.  We are so excited to have Miles join us in our adventures and I'm hoping that you'll be entertained along the way.

*For those of you that didn't make the connection.


  1. I love the story. So sweet. I hope that you and the family are doing well. I bet you are the best mom. I hope to meet the little guy before he grows up.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the story and the pictures, he is beautiful! (and so are YOU!)