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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Birthday Nag

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was quite different from last year, or any other year for that matter.  As my sister recently pointed out, things around the casa have changed.  Since my mother-in-law was in town on Friday, she babysat for us while we went for a birthday dinner at One Sixty Blue.  They had a Chef's Week menu where you could choose your own three course meal for $33 so we got that and added on the wine pairings.  It was a lot of fun and dinner was delicious (I had the fancified shrimp and grits, wild mushroom ravioli, and the chocolate peanut butter torte).  Yesterday on my actual birthday, we mostly just hung around the house with Miles.  I opened some presents and Michael made his famous soup for dinner.  I even went crazy and had some wine.  
Happy Miles

Sad Miles (this kid will turn on a dime)

Gorgeous flowers from my parents

Record from Michael, card from Miles

Michael's dinner, glass of rioja, and a red velvet cupcake.

Aside from the card that Miles gave me, he also gave me another birthday surprise.  Let me preface this by saying that I sometimes feel like a huge nag to Michael.  When he's playing with Miles I have that awful wife tendency to say "don't do this" and "don't do that".  Granted, there are times when I feel justified, as in "don't pick him up by his arms" or "don't throw him around so much after he's eaten, he'll throw up on you".  In fact, there I was once again on the morning of my birthday saying to Michael, "I just fed him!  I swear he's going to throw up on you one of these days and I'll prove that I'm right!".  Seconds after feeling like a total nag once again, Michael (who was lying down), lifted Miles high above his head and then it happened.  Miles threw up. RIGHT INTO MICHAEL'S MOUTH.  Not just to the side of his mouth and not just a little spit.  The contents of Miles's lunch.  From one mouth to another.  I could not. stop. laughing.  Michael was stunned for a quick second and just said, "That was the worst".  I was handed Miles and Michael went to clean himself up.  It was amazing.  Happy Birthday to the (totally justified) Birthday Nag!  



  1. I plan on learning from Michael's mistakes. Please keep the advice coming. Nora would have given me no warning.
    - Ben

  2. I cannot stop laughing...what a great story. Miles will LOVE hearing that story when he gets a little older. Happy Birthday Rebecca...can't wait to see you all this summer:) Char

  3. Every time i tell Michael about a new comment here, he just shakes his head and says again, "That was the worst". :)