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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blockbuster: Bankrupt And Still Ripping Us Off

As we all know, Blockbusters all over the country are shutting their doors.  I think we can all collectively say, "Who cares?".  Nobody, that's who.  As much as I miss browsing for movies, Blockbuster was truly the worst and took all the fun out of it.  Looking for "Bringing Up Baby"?  No dice.  But hey, they've got about one thousand copies of "Stealth".  Or witness this conversation I once had with one of their crack team of employees:

Me:  Do you have "Mr. Deeds Goes To Town"?
Super Helpful Employee:  Who?
Me:  "Mr. Deeds Goes To Town".
SHE:  Oh yeah, the one with Adam Sandler.
Me:  No, the one with Gary Cooper.  It's really old.
SHE:  No, it came out a few years ago.  It's got Adam Sandler.
Me:  Ok, you don't have it.  How about "The Philadelphia Story"?
SHE:  Who? 

Ugh.  So anyway, one of the remaining stores by us is closing and they are having a "70%" off sale.  I went thinking I could buy some dirt cheap movies, but in typical Blockbuster fashion, there is nothing 70% off about it.  All movies were still $20+.  Isn't the entire reason they are closing because everyone uses Netflix or Blockbuster Online?  Why would anyone pay that much for a movie when they are already paying for the mailing service?  There was a section that caught my eye: "Everything $1.00!"  Finally, the section I was looking for.  Not so much, though; they were selling the paper covers of the dvd cases.  Selling them!  If that is what I'm looking for, I'll just wait a few weeks and pull them out of the garbage behind the store for free.  

In conclusion, it was a great shopping day, as we did get one item for 70% off:

A ginormous candy snake.  

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