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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Like Butta

I mentioned in my previous post how great it was that my parents made us dinner every night they were in town.  They weren't kidding around.  Everything was made from scratch, every meal came with a dessert.  See that Shepard's pie?  Homemade crust.  The loaves of bread?  From scratch, without even the use of a breadmaker.  But let's hone in on that plate of butter there on the right.

Every time my parents come to visit, one of the first things to appear in my fridge is a plate of butter.  They open up a stick of butter, put it on a plate, and there it stays until it gets used up; and believe me, it always gets used up.  We're not talking about all the butter that goes into the meals they prepare, either.  Butter goes on everything.  Maybe I've forgotten my southern roots because when I watch Paula Deen, I always laugh at the amounts of butter she uses, but it's a reality with my folks.  I asked my dad for a slice of bread and man I wish I'd taken a picture of what he handed me.  It was a small slice with like, 6 pats of butter on it.  Not spread around, just thick pats of butter covering the bread.    

I just showed my sister this post and she said, "Oh my God, I know!  So much butter with them!  Pats of butter half the size of the slice of bread!"  So I'm just saying that for once I'm not exaggerating. 


  1. But isn't butter one of the four key food groups???

  2. Butter butter butter butter butter? Butter butter butter butter. Wait, you speak Butter, right?