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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Explanation

I recently showed you our disaster of a bedroom.  Well, the mess is all cleaned up and we no longer have to climb over piles of clothes to get to the bed.  For my birthday, Michael and I decided that we were going to finally get moving on something we'd wanted to do for a long time: we pimped our closet!  It actually only took them two days to paint and install everything, but it took me a week to get it all organized (mostly since I could only work on it during Miles's naps).  I'm pretty much obsessed with the closet now and am considering moving in.  So here you have it, the before and afters...


 That's right, we're so fancy that we have a rug in our closet.

There's a "his and hers" side now so Michael won't get confused and put on my clothes.

Hidden pull-out tie rack!  Booya!

Look out!  Here comes the hidden pull-out belt rack!

Alright, I have to run, I'm hosting high tea in the closet in 5 minutes.


  1. I'm jealous! Think I need to add this to my wish list.

  2. Me too, I am so jealous! But now that your a new mom, you deserve it! Ha ha!

  3. This blogpost reminds me of a movie starring Goldie Shawn, only I can't remember the name of it...

  4. Here you go, Katy. Oddly enough, I was wearing that same outfit when I got my closet done: