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Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Advice

Soon after Miles was born, my sister sent me a book that her class put together for me and Michael:
They each gave us parenting advice and drew a picture to go with their advice.  It was super cute.  Courtney said they were all really excited to put it together (she also told me that when she announced that Miles was born, they cheered).  The whole book was great but I pulled a few of my favorites to share here.  By the way, I wasn't sure what the rules were with putting pictures of kids on the internet and I don't want to get Courtney fired, so that is the reason for the weird white blocks on some of them.  You should be able to click on the photos to enlarge and read them.

" should always bring the baby with you so people can call you and say you have the best baby ever!"
This is actually the only reason I travel with both my baby and my phone.

"If you can't handle the baby, hire a babysitter."

A few things here:
"...yank off the diaper..." 
His illustration, however, seems to be telling me to turn the baby upside down and dump him out of the diaper and into Santa's sleigh.  I will have to follow-up with the student on this one.
"Do this and you have the most highly improved baby of the century!"

This girl actually knows what she's talking about, so it's perfect that she gave me her address.  I do have a couple questions for her.

I'm actually going to take this girl's advice and only change Miles once a day.  I will also cut his feedings down from 8 to 3, I just need to find her recommended bottle size to make this work.

"Try and get Miles to crawl to the toilet when he needs to go (make him not fall in the toilet)."
Also good advice.  Potty train first, learn to walk second.  
No idea what the illustration is of, but I love it.

"...he will be annoying."
Good advice, good illustration.

Pretty sure this is a drawing of me.  Fair enough, though, since it's about how I looked at the end.


  1. "he will be annoying" - that kills me. I'm laughing out loud

  2. That is hilarious. I like how the kids said that the same kid who said you should change him once a day also said you will need a heavy duty diaper - I agree. I also appreciated how one kid know (possible from experience) that kids turn orange when they eat too much baby food with carrots in it. I thought of my nephew's constant orange nose and Julie Jacobson's orange palms in middle school. Smart kid.

  3. Yeah, you could totally tell which kids had younger siblings. I was getting advice on how to brush out cradle cap and how to heat up a bottle.

  4. OMG, this is the funniest thing I've ever read. I need to convince one of my siblings to be a teacher before I have a kid, just so I can get good stuff like this. Love it!

  5. I know, it's so fun. Her class does some hilarious things. For Valentines Day, they had to say what they think "love" means. One kid said, "Love smells like shampoo." I told Court she needs to take all of their answers and frame them as art or something.