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Friday, April 22, 2011

Hand Me Down

I had to post a picture of Miles wearing this onesie.  If it looks a little raggedy and worn, that's because someone sent this to us as a gift pretending like they went out a bought him new clothes when really it was just one of their children's hand-me-downs.  Kidding.  It's because it was mine when I was a youngster.  I took a few outfits of mine that my parents saved and this is the first one that Miles fits into.  

Upon further inspection, though, the sleeves seem to have been cut off.  Maybe my parents can fill us all in on this.  I'm guessing it got too hot one day in Texas and yall just cut the sleeves off instead of changing me?    


  1. That's awesome and out of style. However I think the sleeves make it cool.