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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello, My Name Is...

Howdy y'all!  I thought I should introduce myself to everyone since my mom talks about me so much around here.  Sorry I keep her too busy from posting much these days.  I'll try to start taking longer naps so she can have more free time.  Things have been going pretty good for me around here.  Mom and Dad take great care of me, although sometimes they just stare at me for long periods of time and it's really weird.  I have been growing like crazy (or so I hear).  I'm already 12 pounds!  Anyway, just wanted to say hi and tell everyone what I've been up to.  Oh, I love staring at myself in the mirror and I thought you might want to stare at me as well so here are a few pictures of me and what I've been up to lately.

I still love to sleep and can pretty much do it anywhere.

Mom let me do my own hair that day.

 I'm working really hard at keeping my head up... and being cute.

I love this onesie!!!  It makes me want to dance!

If people stick their tongues out at me, I get them right back.  Fair is fair.

I love smiling at and playing with my Daddy.

On Sunday, everyone talked about how nice it was outside.  You can't tell, but I loved it.

So did Mommy and Daddy.

That's my Mom.  I spit up on her when Dad's not around.

I tried to convince her to let me take a nap on the hammock but she said no way, Jose.  I'm still not sure who this Jose fellow is.

 I had to get some shots on Monday.  I put on my best sad face for the rest of the day, hopefully Mom got the message.

My parents finally stopped making me wear those silly duck outfits and put me in some big boy clothes.  Hello, ladies!

All in all, I'm a pretty happy kid.



  1. Hey Miles, don't get too big too fast! I won't be able to see you again for a few months, so just slow down buddy! Also you are going to have to beat the ladies off with a stick with those big boy pants you're wearing!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a cute little man! Yes I love the hair! He is growing so much!