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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mommie Dearest

So, obviously, Mother's Day was yesterday, which was (again, obviously) my very first as a mom.  I have to admit, I felt somewhat like an impostor.  I don't feel like I have been a mom long enough to be able to accept anything on Mother's Day.  It seems as though I should have to have dispensed some motherly advice or bandaged up a knee or something to warrant being celebrated on this holiday.  However it turns out that Mother's Day is super fun, so I'll take it.

Miles started out the weekend with a bang by giving me the best Mother's Day present of all:  he started sleeping through the night!  Most of the baby books call sleeping through the night 6-8 hours (when they first start doing it) but since Miles is awesome, he now sleeps for about 11 hours straight.  He did it three of the past four nights (the night in question he only got up at 3:30am for a quick snack).  So, yay Miles! 

Mother's Day started off pretty damn cute.  I woke up and asked Michael if he wanted to go get Miles up since it was time to feed him.  He said we should just let him sleep.  I am a stickler about feeding times so I'm like, really?  I think maybe we should just get him.  Michael said again that we should leave him.  Then Miles (who had been hiding behind a pillow) sneezed, totally giving them away.

That morning I was given the option to either shower or sleep in.  Now, I know that sounds crazy, but those are two amazing options and many days I don't get to pick either.  It reminded me of that episode of "The Office" where it's Kelly's birthday and she gets to choose to either take a nap or watch tv for one hour.  She chooses to nap.  I, however, chose to shower.  When I got out, I found this cuteness happening:

Michael was making breakfast tacos while Miles took his morning nap.  My boys also got me this super cute apron from Anthropologie:

Now, I know that this seems very "He got me a blender!" from "Father of the Bride" but kitchen and cooking items are my favorite things to get so this was perfect for me.  It was beautiful out so we took Miles for a long walk, then came home so we could put ribs on the grill around noon.  The night before we marinated them in a Dr. Pepper- based concoction and so before we put them on the grill, we just added a Salt Lick rub.  Then we cooked them for 8 hours on really low heat and man-oh-man were they amazing.  The pictures don't do them justice, but they were super tender.  They are so dark because of the rub and because Michael quick-seared them first.  We also made a couple different types of bruschetta and grilled corn on the cob.  All this paired with my new favorite beer (Shiner Ruby Redbird) made for the perfect end to the day.  

Sun-dried tomato pesto and prosciutto bruschetta & Brie, honey, apple, and pistachio bruschetta.

Dr. Pepper- Salt Lick ribs 

Grilled corn with butter, lime, ricotta salata, and chili powder

Before bed, Michael and Miles got matching hairdos.  

And then the kiddo slept through the night again.  Yeehaw!

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