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Friday, May 27, 2011

Where I've Been

I am basically hunkered down in an unshowered and disheveled state while we let our poor child cry it out.  And no, I haven't been able to use blogging as a distraction because I am a glutton for punishment so while he cries through his naps, I can do nothing but sit there and stare at the video monitor and think about what a terrible mother I am.  Yes, many people don't do this until four months so don't start hating on me.  He all of a sudden stopped taking his naps and started waking up at all hours of the night and was cranky and sleeping through feedings so I had to nip it in the bud.  And ya know what?  The world didn't cave in.  And now he's sleeping through the night and is happy again and is napping again and he doesn't give me the "I know what you are doing to me and it is mean" stink eye.  But it is still hard and sad and has stopped all productivity around here.  It has turned me into a wife who can't cook because I'm too tired because when you listen to your child cry four times a day it feels like you got hit by a truck.  So I'm also the worst wife ever.  This was what I bought at the grocery store yesterday.

That loaf of bread is like a beacon of hope in a sea of frozen meals.

Our three year wedding anniversary was on Wednesday, which I celebrated by not changing out of my pajamas from the night before and telling Michael that we would be letting Miles cry it out that night.  

However, today showed some promise because (1) I showered  and (2) Miles cried for less than one minute before each nap.  And tomorrow we're leaving him with the grandparents for the first time ever to go to Lake Geneva for the night to celebrate our anniversary.  I will accept nothing less than a really weird free meal.

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  1. it helps that the loaf of bread is magically back-lit from under the sink. this looks like the beginning of a Rebecca/Katie/Courtney production. just sayin. I'll go get the chemical fog.