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Thursday, June 9, 2011

JZ Gets Hitched

Last weekend two of our friends got married so we put everything that Miles owns into the car and headed to Cincinnati.  The rehearsal dinner was at the Cincinnati Observatory and if you didn't have to keep your eyes on a 3 month old baby, you could allegedly see Saturn from one of the rooms.  
Listen, I don't get to dress up much and I'm certainly not going to get bbq on me the one time I do.

Miles did pretty good with being passed around, although he did take the time to poop on several of our friends.  More specifically...  

Then he passed out from all of the hard work.

So I took the opportunity to pose for some prom photos.

I'll just assume that someone is watching my child for me at this point.

Alright, enough of that.  Saturday we handed Miles off to Grandma and Grandpa (who were fantastic enough to come in town and babysit for the rest of the night) and met up with our friends.  First, Michael checked out the Mac counter (so hard to make time for this with Miles around).

Then we headed over to the fountain...

...for some ice cream...

...and some light reading.
For reals.  This "newspaper" is 20 or so pages of mugshots.  "The Slammer" is reason enough to move to Cincy.

At least they were all in different colors?  Maybe?

Pretty sure they were making fun of the one guy not in this outfit.

I guess Fred forgot his shorts and flops.

Ok, enough shenanigans.  The wedding that evening was beautiful.  Unfortunately you'll never know it because between 16 of us, this is the only non-blurry photo we got:



FYI, this dress is going to make a reappearance at another wedding in two weeks.  It's my "I (kind of ) just had a baby so I need some extra room" dress.  Get over it.

Speaking of wearing the same thing...

And back to the reception.

What's a wedding without a little double decker dancing?

Babysitter?  Check.  After party?  Hell yes.

We wrapped up the weekend by watching Miles do his baby yoga.  Yep, someone got bored on the drive home so he decided to go ahead and find his feet.  Quite exciting.

Congratulations Jen & Zach!


  1. I want both of your dresses...and the pink shoes! As usual I also am loving Miles' hair. He's such a little rock star.

  2. Oh my gosh you just made my day. I felt so large and in charge all weekend. Miles also says thanks. :)

  3. Love this post - a great timeline of the weekend!!
    I love the pics of Miles in the car - now this yoga pose really makes sense:

    Oh, and thanks for using the JZ nickname!!

  4. So funny! I even shared the prom pictures and bib comment with a co-worker. I love the splash of pink in your wedding outfit!