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Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July in Houston, Part One

Last week we packed up our bags and headed to Houston for Miles' first vacation/ 4th of July/ plane ride.  My stomach was all tied up in knots for days from nervousness about the travel day.  Are they gonna confiscate my milk bottles?  Will everyone behind me in line hate me as I attempt to get all our crap through security?  Will Miles scream his head off the entire flight?  Will we be stuck in Houston forever so I don't have to go through all that again?  But it turns out that I had nothing to worry about because he did great.  Plus, everyone was super helpful the entire time (which I'm sure would have ended with the first peep from Miles, but that never happened).  It was actually way easier than road trips because he didn't have to be strapped into a car seat the whole time (which he is starting to hate).  Anyway, onto the vacation.  

My family had a great setup for Miles.  Since my mom is the director of a day school, she was able to borrow a lot of stuff from work so they did a great job converting the office into Miles' room, complete with changing table (even fully stocked with pool diapers).  My friend Amira was also a huge help by bringing over a jumparoo, pack and play (portable crib), and video monitors.  It was just like home (only better, because due to the constant activity he actually slept better than he does at home).

Why Houston in July?  Well the weather down there is usually nice and cool in July so it was the perfect time to visit friends and family.  Sike.  Even the pool water was hot.  That didn't stop us though, as we spent most of our time in it.  It was the first time for Miles and after a couple tries getting him used to it, he loved it.

Not quite sure yet...

Ok, hold on...

I think this might be awesome...

Yes, awesomeness confirmed!

He loved splashing in the water.
It's hard to see but he would kick underwater while he was in his float.

Nana always had a cute new towel nearby.

Aunt Courtney made sure he looked good by the pool with new hats and outfits.

There was some serious competition in the cuteness department:

Those are Miles' new friends, Tova and Jack, who Miles had a blast playing with.  It was so cute to see Miles "playing" with someone so close in age to him (Jack is three weeks older than him) and see how they interacted.  Mostly they just tried to roll over each other and grab whatever they could.

Miles, meet Jack.  Jack, meet Miles.

We have contact.

Official besties.

Flirting with an older woman.

Meghan came in town for a few days and it was so fun to see her and have her meet Miles.

It was so nice to have Nana, Pops, and Aunt Courtney there to play with Miles so I could enjoy myself as well.   

Alabama Ice House, basically a trailer park to drink beer in.

Michael had never been to Chuy's so it was his first experience with chips and jalapeno ranch.  Which is when it was pointed out to me for the first time how fat-person it is to dip chips into ranch.  I explained that that is just how things are done in Texas (along with dipping all other fried foods into ranch).  He wasn't convinced but I got over it and had about 100 more.

Our "Sister Wives" photo.

Nothing says "class" like some wings in the pool.

Commercial break.  Everyone go grab a cold Coors Light and I'll be back with more tomorrow.

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