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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Little Gym

Alright.  Being a stay-at-home-mom is great for many reasons, but I'll be honest- this shit can get lonely.  Yes, it's amazing and rewarding and fun, yada yada yada... but you can only talk to yourself and your baby for so long until you start requiring responses.  From actual people (making snarky comments at Kathie Lee and Hoda does not count).  So I signed Miles and myself up at The Little Gym.  I figured I could make some new mommy friends and get some new inspiration for ways to play with Miles (because, frankly, I am out of ideas).  Miles is in the "Bugs" class that is for 4-10 months old and today was our first class.  

Before class, I got all dolled up.  I was worried about what to wear since I had no idea how the other moms would dress.  I had a serious internal discussion about whether wearing my fancy jeans would be trying too hard.  I applied eyeliner for about the third time this year.  I packed a pair of socks that didn't have holes in them.  I was ready to make some friends...  um, for Miles.

Well it was a good thing that I left my fancy pants at home because the other cool moms were no where to be seen.  It was me and eight old lady nannies.  I do not foresee any backyard bbqs with these ladies.  But wait!  Just seconds into the class, two cute moms run in with their kids.  Perfect!  They arrived just in time for my big introduction...

We all sat around in a circle and sang a song about how fun class will be and then they sang, "Now tell us your names!"  and they looked at me to start.  So I took a deep breath knowing how embarrassing this would be and I sang to them "Rebecca and Miles!".  Instructor says to me, "Ok, you don't have to sing it."  OhGodOhGodOhGod.  "But I like your enthusiasm!".  OhGodFaceTurningRed.  "Um, ok".  

There were no backyard mommy bbq invites today.  On the plus side, Miles had a blast.  He interacted great with the other kids (even though he was the youngest by two months) and was happy the whole time.  He loved the bubbles and going upside down (he even did a few guided somersaults).  The best part is that afterwards, he was pooped.  He fell asleep seconds after leaving and slept for over two hours.  

Hopefully by next week they will all have forgotten that I'm the mom who loves to sing.


  1. Hilarious! Yes it is hard to find other cool mom friends when u stay at home. A bit like starting a new school or something. Little gym is a good start. Try library for storytime or hanging out at a bookstore with a good kids section. 2 of my friends actually met at the train table at barnes & noble. Just don't be shy. Once I figured out that I had to initiate the convo it was easy. Just my annoying 2 cents.

    And I think u should have busted out the fancy jeans...I would!

    Megan O.

  2. LOL!! Oh wow I can't stop laughing! Sorry, did you really sing your name? Too funny. Well if ya can't laugh at your self... I hope you two enjoy your future visits.
    Have a great day!

  3. I wore the fancy jeans the following week and made a friend. Not necessarily related, but I'm just sayin...