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Friday, July 29, 2011

Meanwhile, Over On Lifetime...

A few comments on yet another stellar submission from the Lifetime Movie Network.  First of all,  great cheer.  I think they were only a few more tries to being in unison and actually remembering all the lines.  Second, OF COURSE cello players are hot.  What a stupid question.  But  why do they care what that munchkin thinks is hot?  And did they kidnap him from Oz?  Or is this the redrum kid?  And don't you think that girl would want to save dropping the bombshell about her STD until her stupid brother is at least out of the room?  I mean, I'm pretty sure the kid has a disability and isn't going to understand what syphilis is anyway, but at least wait until he's out of earshot.  I guess its kind of hard to blame the girl though, that really was an opportune time to get that bit of news off her chest and tell her friends.  Plus, there's nothing like doing the splits to remind you that you got syphilis.

P.S. I fixed the video from Wednesday's post.


  1. It might be time for you to head back to The Little Gym and get some time out of the house. I had to explain to Josh why Im laughing so hard... the splits/syphilis connection seems so obvious. And for some reason once you start a Lifetime movie its near impossible to turn it off, and they make them roughly 4-5 hours each. My roommates and I lost a lot of study hours unintentionally in college.

  2. so f**in hilarious! brilliant.

  3. When Miles naps, I have three options:
    1. take a nap
    2. do the laundry
    3. check out the nonsense on Lifetime

    #3 Usually wins.