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Friday, August 26, 2011

And Then It Was Quiet

It's official:  time to pack away the dog whistles and enjoy the silence.  It took longer than we thought, and apparently that first move was them just breaking down their tree house and/or fort, but the final moving truck loaded up the last of the furniture this morning and pulled away.  

We can finally retire these guys:

Now, before all you dog lovers start hating- keep in mind they had crammed 3 rottweilers into a 1,700 square foot condo.  I am not the bad guy here.  And to be fair, I think these dog whistles annoyed me more than the dogs.  For the record, it turns out that dog whistles don't work through ceilings.  They do, however, emit a sound that is not a silent as you think so I got to enjoy dogs pounding around as well as my husband blowing a whistle right next to my ears.

Our new neighbors (three sisters) move in next week and after I put in some quality time Google-stalking them, here is what we now know:

Sister #1:  Pharmaceutical rep.

Sister #2:  Either in advertising or in the LFL.  What is the LFL you ask?  Why it's the Lingerie Football League.

Sister #3: A freaking CHILD CARE SPECIALIST who most likely wants to babysit for us all the time.  Maybe even for free, since that is the neighborly thing to do.


  1. Your new neighbors sound like prostitutes and/or drug dealers.

    #1 is the pusher
    #2 is the prostitute
    #3 is a liar b/c a child care specialist means nothing. i'm a enchilada eating specialist but you don't see me bragging about it. thus, she is obviously the maker of the meth/grower of weed.

    good luck with the whores.

  2. also, why is my profile pic this strange NSFW icon?

  3. You tell me- are you naked in your profile pic? Also, just b/c you are an enchilada specialist, does not mean you are employed in the enchilada eating industry. Sister #3 is. In the teaching industry, not the eating industry.

  4. Oh my god! I can't stop laughing! This conversation with you and Crissy! Every time I reread this I start laughing again!

  5. Oh, it's been way too long since I read your blog. I needed that good laugh. I've been in the new baby hole of sleeplessness. Actually, I'm still there, just taking a break to read blogs b/c 2 out of my three crazies are sleeping. Also, according to Google Liz Carpenter is a journalist, feminist, and aide to Lady Bird Johnson and also is dead.

  6. Well, here's me according to Google: