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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We live in a condo and are the bottom unit.  This means people live above us.  You know those girls you used to live under that always wore their damn high heels?  I wish they lived above us.  Instead, we have spent the past five years listening to three rottweilers fling their heavy ass bodies all over the place.  Wait, maybe you missed it.  THREE.  ROTTWEILERS.  Do you even know how heavy a bone is for a rottweiler?  We have a pretty good guess since it sounds like a tv is being dropped on the floor every ten seconds.  I can't even get into how much anger-energy has gone into hating everything about the situation because I'll just get mad again, so just know that it is the worst thing ever.  Do not live under rottweilers.  Or people who look like they might get a rottweiler.  If you ever see your neighbors carrying around a copy of "Dog Fancy" magazine, move and don't look back.  

But good lord holy jesus they are moving!!!!!  I came home yesterday and saw the most beautiful thing in the world:

Now, I've been tricked before.  Every time I see a moving truck in the vicinity, I get a little spring in my step, just hoping hoping hoping that they have finally realized that a 1,700 square foot condo is too small to house three horses rottweilers.  So I held a stakeout from my window and patiently waited.  I should point out that we had heard rumors that they were trying to rent out their unit but I was worried that the dogs had destroyed it beyond the point of no return and that no one would rent it.  So when I finally saw the people upstairs putting things into the truck, there was a huge sense of relief that it was actually happening.  But as I watched, I got more and more nervous because there were no beds, couches, or dressers being loaded in the truck.  I started to panic, thinking that maybe they were just trying to clear out all their junk so that the condo would be staged better.  I mean, aren't you supposed to load furniture first, junk second?  All I saw happening was this:

Wood planks.

God forbid they forget their giant orange bin.
More wood planks.

Loading up the old wagon o' junk.

You wouldn't believe the amount of wood planks, pieces of cardboard, and empty bins they loaded into the truck.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of them rolling a giant wheel up the ramp.  I also want to point out that mom did all the heavy lifting while the daughter watched from her car (which I can't explain, but I will say that I didn't see her until after I took all these pictures so I'm 99% sure she saw me the entire time) and the boyfriend organized and pointed.  Anyway, because we have been at odds with them for so long, I was seriously starting to consider that they staged this entire thing just to mess with us.  Like, they rented a van, waited until I was home, and started loading up their garbage.  I think the most legit thing I saw all afternoon was a milk crate full of cords and a huge, yellowed computer from the 1980's.  It wasn't until their hired movers showed up and actual items that you need to live with started being loaded that I was able to finally finally breath a sigh of relief.  

And then we celebrated.

Here's to hoping that our new neighbors are all responsible girls that love to babysit.


  1. We had awful neighbors across the street who had domestic disputes in the front yard and we're pretty sure sold drugs out back. Oh and 14 people lived in a 1000 square foot house. They moved out in June, 2011 must be the year of getting rid of bad neighbors. Now we have a nice young man who drives an Audi and cuts the grass once a week. Glorious.

  2. Do you think their apartment was one huge fort?!?

  3. A nice young man. Love it. :)

    Molly, for a few days, I was like- is she referring to the dogs? As in, when you have 3 rottweilers, do you just push all the furniture up against the walls like a giant fort and let the dogs go wild? (Because, yes, I do think that). Then I realized you meant b/c they had all that wood and I started cracking up. I never really gave it much thought; I just assumed they had wood b/c... I don't know, b/c they are strange. Now you have opened up a whole new train of thought. Why all this wood? Were they building something? Are they taking their entire deck with them? Was it mini fences for their dogs to jump over? Man, this is gonna bug me.