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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photo Session

I mentioned last month that Michael's cousin was in town from London and is an amazing photographer.  While in town, we were lucky enough to get her to do a session for us.  I got the link to the photos and I am just in love with them.  She did such an incredible job.  As you will be able to tell, Miles had just discovered that you can stick your tongue out and was doing it all the time.  These pictures were taken when Miles was five months  old and even though that was only a month ago, he seems so tiny compared to his size now.  I'll have his six month update next week after our doctor's appointment.  In the meantime, check out the beautiful pictures Chartier took by clicking on the photo below.


  1. Those pictures are wonderful! Miles is posing in everyone of them.

  2. super cute. i miss this age of knawing on feet all the time. it's so cute.


  3. Wow! they are all sooooo good! The black and white one where he has is finger in his mouth is really funny! Thanks for sharing.