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Friday, September 9, 2011

A Few Things

I know I've been MIA but maybe I just wanted to lie around and enjoy the peace and quiet around here (or maybe I'm just lazy).  Or maybe it's because I found Pinterest and I basically spend all my free time pinning pictures of things I can't afford or crafts that Michael says I will never make I plan on making.  Whatever the reason, I still don't have much to say but thought I'd just check in and bore you with some tidbits.

1. Baby formula.  I don't understand that, with all of the work they put into making it as close to breastmilk in terms of nutritional value, they can't spend a couple days on making it taste better.  It is so foul.  I think it tastes like a nosebleed.  Michael says it smells like a crowbar.

2. I caught Michael watching "King of Queens" yesterday.

3. Here are a few of Miles' blocks:

See how the pictures match up nicely to the corresponding letter?  So then what is this thing?

Is there some word for doughnut that starts with a "Q" that I don't know about?  And don't tell me it's a quilt.  If it's anything in the fabric world, it's a rug.  So guess again please.

Sorry, that really is all I've got.  We are off to Ann Arbor this weekend for the Michigan-Notre Dame game.  Hopefully this weekend Miles will learn that you can watch Texas play on tv and not just the internet and that Michigan usually plays games longer than three quarters.


  1. Maybe it's a quiche? Only thing I could think of although if it is a quiche, it really is a poor drawing.

    And it's ok to obsessed with Pinterest...I def am and waste several hours pinning things.

  2. Quiche, huh? It's definitely more quiche than quarter. I also realized that the picture for K is knife. Like, really? Not kangaroo or something with a hard K? I like that the block makers want us to start teaching them about the silent K at an early age.