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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Go Tigers!

So, Michael has this theory/ insistence that Miles has been helping the Tigers along in their winning streak by wearing his Tigers outfit.  He says that ever since Miles started wearing it, the Tigers have gone undefeated.  

I mentioned the other day that the other kids he plays with are going to start making fun of him for wearing the same outfit all the time but Michael would hear none of it, and dressed him in it again.  Another Tigers win.

Another day passes, another day I have to do a quick load of laundry in order to get this outfit back on Miles, another win.

Tigers down three runs in the 9th?  
No problem.  Outfit on, another win.

But wait.  Let's take another look at this outfit.  
We are quickly approaching a dangerous crossroads.  
See this situation?

Those buttons are holding on for dear life.  You are gonna be on your own soon, Tigers.


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  2. Dammit. Miles forgot to wear his Tigers outfit yesterday.

  3. There is a National J & L by one of the train stops. Is that helpful?