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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Kiddo's First Halloween

Halloween has been one of those "we are officially parents" moments.  The hubs and I love this holiday.  Love.  Every year I am in charge of putting together the pub crawl that us and all of our friends go on so we can both maximize the fun and the drinking but also see as many costumes at as many bars that we can cram into until 4am.  We also pride ourselves on our costumes.  We have never bought a pre-packaged costume, but usually come up with an idea and scour the thrift shops until we have found all of the pieces we need.  People in Chicago go crazy for Halloween and it never fails to be one of the most fun nights of the year.  

Alas, us two chumps now have a 7pm curfew in order to get the kiddo to bed on time.  This means no pub crawl.  We also pretty much refuse to do a three person theme costume (what are we supposed to do, be the Three Bears?  I just can't).  This means no brilliant costume.  Apparently what we are supposed to do now is dress Miles up, check out all of the street festivals that are put on for the kids, and head home beerless.  Although, the rules are a bit sketchy on whether or not we can take Miles trick-or-treating and collect candy. Maybe people will see right through it but will they really refuse the kid candy?  We shall see.  Anyway, here is a look at Halloweens past.

Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf (dressed as Grandma)

Clue characters: Professor Plum, Miss Peacock, Colonel Mustard

Paul Bunyan & Babe 
(note- Paul the giant made taller by wearing 5 inch high Frankenstein boots)

Bun in the Oven & The Baker

I'm keeping Miles' costume under wraps for now (I don't need any of yall stealing it), but I'll tell you a few things that he isn't.  I considered using that lonely tooth of his to his advantage and making him a jack-o-lantern or a hillbilly, but I didn't want to have to stick my fingers in his mouth every four minutes to help explain his costume.  I also considered a scarecrow, but the costume was too big (although I kind of loved the hat).  

 Yeah, I don't know where that random idea came from either.  But we finally have a costume for the little guy. 
Stay tuned...


  1. Those Clue costumes were better than I remember

  2. Would have been better if we had everyone do it.