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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap

First of all, let's get something out of the way.  Before you read this post, I need you to get onto your facebook account and look up The Little Gym of Chicago.  Now, find the picture I posted of Miles in his costume and "like" it.  If I get the most likes, I get free classes.  Free classes makes me happy.  So go do it and then you can read on.  I'll wait...SERIOUSLY GO DO IT.  Ok, thank you.  Moving on.

Friday Miles had his TLG class (ahem, the ones that you will help me make free).  All the kids dressed up and I took about 100 pictures but for some reason, a bunch of 4-10 month old babies just didn't want to cooperate.  This will continue to be a common theme throughout Halloween this year.  

On Saturday, Miles and I headed up to Lincoln Square for their annual Halloween Trick or Treat Stroll.  All of the businesses were handing out candy and there was entertainment for the kids in the square.  It was super cute, but good lord was it packed.  The sidewalks were wall to wall kids.  And can I just point out that every year there is that one kid under the age of ten that is dressed up as Freddy Krueger?  Every year without fail. I'm curious as to whether this little kid has seen the movie or if he's just confused as all hell about what his parents made him wear.  Anyway.  We met up with some friends on the roof deck of Gene's for some beers and to escape the crowds.
Once again, kids not cooperating.

By the way, that's Jack.  He's Miles' BFF.  They met at TLG and it was a match made in heaven.  They have all the same likes (eating and sucking on toys) and dislikes (getting their noses wiped) but most importantly, they live a few blocks away and their moms are friends.  Side note: Miles and Jack are the lead characters' names in Sideways.  
Coincidence?  Doubtful.  They were meant to be friends.

Saturday night, we joined a few of our friends at a Baby's First Halloween Party.  The highlight here was, once again, trying to get a bunch of babies to take a picture together.  

I like everything that is happening in this picture. 
I want to point out that as all these babies were crying, Miles thought the whole thing was hysterical and was having the best time.       

Sunday was supposed to be more of the same in another neighborhood, but Miles caught a cold and it started raining just as we were going to leave and decided to take a day off from the festivities.  On Monday, we put on Miles' casual Halloween wear (like what pageant girls wear to answer questions as opposed to their formal wear) and did some more trick or treating at the neighborhood businesses.  All this meant was that he got a rubber ball, a package of Smarties, and I got a cup of hot cider.  

Finally, we rounded out the holiday but putting him back into his pilot costume and walking around the neighborhood that evening, looking at all the trick or treaters (although, as per usual, he was more interested in the trees).  Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween (and that you liked my stinkin' photo on facebook)!

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