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Monday, January 9, 2012

It's Christmas! Well, It Was.

Oy we have outgrown our condo.  My parents and sister came to Chicago for Christmas this year.  We've done this before, but that was pre-Miles.  They were able to sleep in, like, beds and stuff.  Now that Miles has taken over the good guest room, there's only one guest room remaining, which is much more of an office than a guest room.  There's no room for a bed since every wall is taken (built-in desk on one, built-in shelves on one, double door on one, and double door closet on one).  We dealt with this by splurging on a quality air mattress.  So what's the problem?  Perhaps you forgot I mentioned my sister came as well.  Unfortunately for her, these are her new quarters:

Long ass paragraph summary: My family came and my sister slept in the closet.

Miles has become so much fun lately and my family had a great time with him.  Ummm... I swear my mom was there.  I don't know how I don't have any pictures of them.

Obviously now that we have Miles, Christmas feels completely different now.  It's kind of like it's new again, even though he had no idea what was going on.  Although, he did love the tree. 

New stocking for Miles!

We continued our Christmas eve tradition of making pizza...

...watching It's a Wonderful Life (Miles got his middle name from George "Bailey")...

...and we even roasted chestnuts.

Christmas morning was adorable.  Obviously he didn't get that Santa came, but he definitely was happy to see all of the new toys. 

So nice of Daddy to wear his socks with the holes for Miles to play with.

Someone wasn't quite as happy, though.

 The gift theme this year apparently was hats.

Miles even got to eat at the big kid's table for dinner (more on dinner another day).

Speaking of food, Miles loved pickled okra!  But not really.

Christmas is exhausting!

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