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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who's The Boss?

Miles is.  Which is why when he gets sick, all other operations around here shut down.  He's been sick for 10 days now, with a bad cold and yet another ear infection.  This means that we are basically quarantined since if I took him to any of his play classes I'd get the total evil eye from all other moms as soon as he coughs.  Although, I'm pretty sure it's their stupid kids that got him sick in the first place, but fine, whatever.  You'd think this leaves plenty of time for blogging but it's been exhausting so instead, I just try and rest when he naps.  I have about 15 minutes before he wakes up so instead of closing my eyes for the remainder of nap time, here I am.  You're welcome (ahem, Tom).  But don't get too excited because a sick kid means an unexciting kid.  So I don't have much for you.

Finding out how tall Daddy really is.

New favorite toy.  Heavy glass full of small parts.  Perfectly safe.

He's really into Seinfeld lately.

And finally, I think we have a rock star on our hands.  Check out his sweet drumstick move:

Told you things were slow around here.


  1. Sorry to hear he has been sick - definitely not fun. I thought you swapped him out for another baby in photo 2 - didn't realize he was so blonde?

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't stop laughing at the comparison of Miles to Costanza. Too funny! Sorry he's under the weather.

  3. he started out with really dark hair and as it grows (and grows and grows...) it just keeps getting lighter. wait, we can swap out babies??? jk.