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Monday, February 6, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Since we finally got Miles' first haircut, I thought we should take a little look back at the history of his hair.

Miles arrives and bam!  Full head of hair.

The first of many mohawks to come.
Really dark hair, flat on his head.

By the end of his first month, it was already lightening up and growing like crazy.

In month two, it started growing out in every direction, but mostly upwards.

And then it was officially a mohawk.


But as it got longer, the weight eventually started to make the 'hawk fall to the side.


By six months, he'd pretty much settled into his hairdo.

Which was right about when people started politely suggesting that it was time that we cut his hair.

But we couldn't do it, so we just let it grow...

And grow... 

And grow...


...And then it was time.

At first he was ok with it.

And then he wasn't.

But he wasn't the only kid who thought he was being tortured.
And then we were ok again.

After I choked back a few tears because my baby no longer looked like a baby, I think we were all happy with the results.

And there you have it.  
Hopefully now the lady at the grocery store will stop calling him a princess.