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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Warm Up

It's been unseasonably warm here, even getting into the 80s a few times this past week, so we've been spending a ton of time at the local parks.  Miles hasn't been on a swing since last summer, when it wasn't much of a hit.

But now swings are the best thing since cheese and birthday cake.

He's obsessed with turning things and spends most of his time at the park spinning the various wheels.  If he can't find any, he just mosies on over to other people's strollers and pushes their wheels back and forth.
We've been to the (free) Lincoln Park Zoo a couple of times, but he's only mildly impressed at this age.  He prefers riding on Daddy's (very) tall shoulders to watching the lions sleep.

On a chillier day, we spent time at the Lincoln Park Conservatory.

We deemed this the Dr. Seuss tree.

But Miles was too busy texting to care. 

Whatevs, mom and dad.

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