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Thursday, March 8, 2012

We've Been So Busy!

No, no we haven't.  I've just been lazy.  So, to catch up...

Miles turned one!  Since my parents and my in-laws came in town at different times in February, we decided to forgo the big Pinterest-sponsored party I had planned in my head and instead went with two mini-parties.  Which was fine because Miles was still wrapping up his "I'm sick all the time" extravaganza.  My mom's birthday is the day before Miles' birthday, and since we were celebrating both of them two weeks early, I made them shirts for the occasion:  

Miles had a great time opening up his gifts, and especially liked the magnets from Aunt Courtney and the drum set from Nana and Pops. 

This is obviously pre-haircut, but I think it works with the rock star vibe.

While they were in town, we went to the nature museum...

And we enjoyed being constantly fed...

Even Miles helped out:

And Miles got in a lot of quality time with Nana and Pops...

And, of course, the haircut:

The birthday festivities continued when Grandma and Grandpa came in town a few weeks later (although I was apparently really bad at taking pictures of them with Miles on this trip).  

Miles' birthday shirt got an update:  

His new desk was a huge hit:

So now he likes to eat two things:  cheese and cake.  Perfect.

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