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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

We caught what seems to be the last of the warm weather for awhile on Easter weekend and took full advantage.  Even better, Grandma and Grandpa were in town to enjoy it with us.  We started out by taking Miles to one of the local parks for an Easter egg hunt and to take the obligatory Easter Bunny picture.

Ok, maybe this day wasn't so warm.

There were around 600 kids at the park and the people running the show were having one heck of a time trying to keep them all held back until they finally unleashed them on the field.  

The eggs were gone in seconds.  Luckily, we were late and walked into the park just as the egg hunt started, so we were at the very back of the park and grabbed our one egg just in time.


Early spring in Chicago

Miles and Michael caught a little league baseball game while we were there.

After Grandma and Grandpa arrived, Miles got to open his Easter baskets.  

Then we spent the afternoon at the zoo.  He's still not quite sure about most of the animals and why he should care, but he does love the monkeys and the polar bear.

Watching monkeys

Every time we are at the zoo, this is consistently his favorite thing.  He even backs up into them like this so that I can take a picture of him with the gorillas.
Polar bear watching

They had an "Easter bunny" to pet at the "Farm in the Zoo".

Watching giraffes (there's in there somewhere).


Such a great view of the city from the nature walk bridge.

 Hope everyone had a very Happy Easter!

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