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Monday, May 14, 2012

Texas-Sized Vacation Part One

Here's what happens when you go on vacation for three weeks and everyone has a camera on hand- you end up with over 700 pictures to sort through.  Don't panic.  I will only use about a quarter of those here.  Ok, hopefully less.  But I'm going to have to break this up into several posts, which means that instead of boring you in one long post, I'll be boring you in installments.  

The reason for the extended stay is that Michael had to go to Dallas for three weeks for a trial he was working on (way too many people were confused and actually thought he was on trial).  There was no way I was staying in Chicago with no help for that long, and since my parents and lots of friends are in Houston, we packed up our sippy cup and headed south for the duration. 

In case this post starts to drag on, feel free to turn it into a drinking game.  Any time you see my child in pants way too big for him (since I made the wrong decision of buying all his vaca clothes a size up), drink.  Any time you see him in nothing but a diaper, or less, (since he was either constantly in water or the temp was rising), drink.  And any time you see me drinking (parents as full-time babysitters, holla!), drink.

Alright, on with it.

So we arrive in Houston and are pleasantly surprised that the weather is beautiful, especially coming from 40 degrees.  Most of the year it's 90 degrees and humid, but our entire visit was in the 70s.  Nana and Pops had a great setup at home for Miles.  They had tons of toys (btw, those are shorts he is wearing, not long pants- drink!)...

...this old spinning wheel, which is not a toy but he didn't seem to care (naked child- drink!)...

...and this little slide from when I was a kid.  This was one of the biggest hits.

It's a safe bet that I've already popped open a Shiner in the other room, so go ahead and drink.

There's a park across the street from their house, which was a great time-killer place for Miles to play.

Pops might have enjoyed the park more than Miles.

City kid, meet grass.  Grass, city kid. 

He loved playing chase with Pops.

Obviously since we were staying so long, we had to earn our keep.

His first encounter with a sprinkler was iffy.

Miles was obsessed with Pops' truck.  We don't see many pickups around these parts, so he loved sitting in the back whenever Pops would come home from work.  However, on this particular day, he had just come home from the grocery store...

Major party foul.

Miles laughing at Pops for breaking some beer bottles.

We cleaned up the mess, but Miles smelled like booze for the rest of the day.

Speaking of booze, drink!

Pretty sure they are playing with scissors here.

Under the magnolia tree.

He got to help Nana and Pops make homemade bread. 

After a few days, Nana, Pops, and Miles had their morning schedule down.  It was really cute, actually.  They'd get him up, dress and feed him, then they'd all walk my mom to work.  Then Miles would either play on the playground at her work (she is the director of a day school) or he and Pops would go to the park by our house.  Then he'd go down for a nap.  No, I have not abandoned my child.  I was drinking my coffee by the pool while doing the daily crossword, until I got  him up from his nap using my vacation time to regroup and be a better mom.  But thanks for checking.  At night, once Miles was fast asleep (and man did he sleep- his days were so jam-packed that I now feel like he's bored back at home), I had my own schedule which involved perfecting my mosquito-repelling wall so I could enjoy a glass of wine outside in peace.

So that's the rundown of how our days were spent (our slow days, that is).  I'll be back with more on our flurry of activity including some special guest stars and some very happening play dates.  

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