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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Texas-Sized Vacation Part Two

"I'm sooooooooo bored you guys.  Where is Aunt Courtney???"

Just as the kiddo seemed to need a little shake-up to his day, his favorite Austinite arrived.

 Although he'd be fine playing with bubbles all day, we decided to go on a few outings while Courtney was in town.  First, the aquarium.  So, this place is weird.  You'd think a big city like Houston would have a legit aquarium, but it's like 1/3 restaurant, 1/3 rides, 1/3 fish.  And a white tiger.  

 I guess we'll call this the sting ray touching center.

I probably should have ducked.

I really just don't understand this place.

Eels are gross.

There are three animals that I have to google occasionally to remind myself if they are real or imaginary.
Seahorses are one of them.

 This is about how much it cost to get in:

So that was that.  Another thing we did was take him to Transco (don't tell me it's called whatever stupid new name it was given) Tower.  He LOVED this.  

But I'm going to give you a tip.  When you go somewhere and park in a parking garage, go ahead and bring you wallet with, like, money in it so you don't get stranded and have to call your dad to bring you 2 bucks so you can leave.  Trust me, it's good advice.

Sadly, Courtney had to head back to Austin for work, but we kept the party going.  We went to free day at the Natural History Museum...

He rode on this a few times.  No big deal.

Even better, the outside of the museum.


Weird statue head things.

Train ride!

 Houston Children's Museum was a huge hit also.  I'm pretty sure he is wearing a swimsuit.

Petting zoo.

As usual though, he likes this crap the best.

Alright, I'm running long again.  Guess I'll just keep posting about Texas until Christmas.


  1. Fun! Your post is wearing me out with all the things you took Miles to. You did a lot with the little guy.

    Btw, I did not remember you and Courtney looking that much alike! Took me a second to figure out which picture was you and which was her (at the Transco tower waterfall). Crazy!

  2. i'm the one in the not insane sunglasses. :)
    we look more alike now than we ever did.