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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

HOW Benefit

Recently we were invited by our friends to attend the HOW Benefit, which was held at the Field Museum.  HOW is Housing Opportunities for Women, which is an incredible group dedicated to getting women, children, and families off of the streets and giving them the tools to succeed permanently by helping them to become educated, self-sufficient individuals and break the cycle of poverty (I may or may not have gotten that straight from the program).  That night, they honored an incredible woman who, with the help of HOW, overcame homelessness, the murder of her son, and the death of her mother all in one year and is now raising her grandchildren, living in her own home, just completed her GED, and found out the day of the event that she had been accepted into college.  It was so inspirational to be a part of the evening.

It was really fun to be at the Field Museum for an event, a first time for us.  There was a silent and live auction throughout the evening.  We bid on a handful of things and actually won passes and some other fun things to the Brookfield Zoo.  I know, we get a night off from the kiddo and we still have him on the brain.  Lame.


Meet Sue, the world's largest, most complete T. Rex:

Our very good friend was the event chair, which meant we had front row seats in which to boo him off if we didn't like his opening speech.  Fortunately for him, he did a great job and finished by introducing the host of Windy City Live who is pretty much adorable in person. 

John doing his thing (very well).

Val Warner, host of Windy City Live. 

Here is one of the live auctions.  I could not believe how fast the bidding would go for each item, as you can see I couldn't even keep up with my camera.  This was for a vacation in Jackson Hole (and the final price on this wasn't even close to what people paid for other items).

Honoring the woman of the evening. 

 Here she is about to take the mic and announce that she just found out she had been accepted into college.

What's a night out without Michael taking a picture with a statue?

Thanks to John and Jami who were so nice to include us in this amazing event!


  1. how did i forget you lived in chicago!? i'm sure jake would've vetoed me trying to arrange to meet up with you while we were in town a few weeks ago (blog/knot stranger danger in his books lol)

    but if i had been thinking, we should've strategically set up a meeting where we both HAPPENED to be at the shedd aquarium at the same time. then there'd be nothing he could do about that. :-)

  2. When I read your Chicago post, I'm like, oh ok, fiiiiiiiiine! JK. But I won't be so understanding next time. :)