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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Texas-Sized Vacation Part Four

Alright people.  This is it.  Swear.  

First, some advice.  If you ever think that it might be a good idea to go on a little adventure hike at the Arboretum with your one year old, you will be wrong.  At first it's cute and fun.

And then your kid is like, ok I'm ready to get back in my stroller now, and you realize all you have is your crappy travel stroller and you don't really know how far you've gone and that most of it was downhill and that now you have to push a 25 pound child uphill on mostly bark and rocks and it's mostly just the worst thing ever.

Stick to only going to the Arboretum when you are in high school after a football game and someone has a keg in their pickup truck.  Trust.

That said... One of the best things about being back home was, obviously, getting to spend so much more time than usual with some of my best friends.  And so fun also to have them spend some time with Miles.  And even funnest for him to have some instant playmates with their kids.

At the Nature Center with Aunt Meghan, who made a special trip in from Austin.

Becca also came in from Austin with her adorable daughter, Emory.

King stopped by for a bit to play (dressed appropriately, this time).

We had a really fun playdate with Sommer and her daughter Emily, and Amy and her daughter, Violet.

Miles loved going up to Nana's school to play on the playground and in the classrooms.  His favorite part was when the kids would come out for recess.  After awhile, they got to know him as well and were always trying to include him and um, petting him.  I guess he was like the school mascot for a bit.

Ladies, please!  There's enough of me to go around.

Torn between several women, he finally makes his choice.

Still, they never gave up.

I think this was more his speed.  He's a one-woman guy.  This is Stephanie's sweet daughter, Olivia.

But in the end, I'm pretty sure only one woman stole his heart.
This is Tova. 

Luckily, her brother Jack and Miles became best buds (just like their moms, awww...).  We spent some time with these two just about everyday.

One afternoon Luke and Eli joined the kids in the pool.

Cute little buns.  This evening the pool became a giant bath.

Our last night in town, we went to an Episcopal baseball game to watch Coach Matt and Coach King do their thing.  Their thing, by the way, is pretty darn impressive.  

 Side note- I did get to sneak away a few times.  Ain't a trip to Texas if there's no bull ridin'.

So that about wraps it up.  Tune in next week for the video montage I put together from all of our favorite moments.  So far it's about 14 minutes, but I'm not quite done yet. 


Until next time, Tejas!

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