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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Texas-Sized Vacation Part Three

In the middle of all the Houston fun, the whole family packed up and headed to Dallas.  Miles and I stayed with my cousin Betsy and my parents (as well as my aunt and uncle) stayed at a nearby hotel.  The reason for the mini-family reunion was that it was Betsy's kid's 2nd birthday party.  We were also there to visit Michael but it turned out that his work kept our time with him to a minimum.  But hey, don't be sad because (spoiler alert!) they ended up winning their case!    

For the party, they rented this guy:

The kids loved it.  Miles wasn't so sure at first.  

I'm pretty sure the problem was the blow-up wig-wearing triplets.
More specifically, these three guys:


But he finally got the hang of it.


And he was once again happy.  I don't think I have mentioned this, but he is obsessed with big kids.  If we go to the park, he finds them and follows them around, laughs when they laugh, screams when they scream... he thinks he's being included and it's really cute.  He recently started giving kisses to any big kid he comes across.  Anyway.  He was surrounded by them at this party and he loved it.  They were all really good with him, too.  These kids showed him how to play in a sandbox...

He got to eat at the big kid's table.

His cousin/ the birthday girl even fed him his first Cheetos.

Time out real quick.  This is their neighbor's tree house.  

Ok, back on track.  This was Miles' favorite thing of all.

 Unfortunately, I don't think that would quite fit on our back deck.

Changing the subject, here are a few photos I took from our quick trips to visit Michael at his hotel.  Basically that just meant that we'd play in his hotel room, order room service for dinner, Michael would pop in for 10 minutes, and we'd head home.

However, on our last night in Dallas they all took the night off and he and I put our fancy pants on and went to dinner at Fearings.  It was incredible.  There was Texas quail and oxtail tart and foie gras and buffalo and elk and all kinds of amazing things that made me happy to be back in Texas.

Side note: Michael just came in here and scolded me about the fact that I am still trudging through our Texas trip one month later.  I told him to shut up and get me a beer.  He did, so I guess I won that one.  Although now I'm feeling a bit foolish, so I gotta wrap this up (although, ahem, I have one more post to go... shut your faces.  This is what I've got instead of a scrapbook these days).

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