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Friday, July 20, 2012

'Cause It's Friday, You Ain't Got No Job, And You Ain't Got Sh*t To Do

(Apologies to all of the adults out there that don't get the title reference and are therefore completely offended by the language.)  My Mother-in-law is in town which means I have a babysitter, no job, and nothing to do... so I choose to blog... but then, I don't have much to blog about today.  So here are a few tidbits from the summer thus far.

First up, Emmy nominations.  
This makes me happy.
 It means I am not, as I previously thought, the only person watching and loving this show.
But are we really not ever going to be giving Ron Swanson an Emmy?  We're really going to keep giving it to those idiots over on the Big Bang Theory? 

The other day I posted a video of Miles dancing.  He has since found his signature song.  Let's go blue!  

It's been so dang hot here (consecutive 100+ days) so we've been trying to keep busy at all the museums and libraries as much as we can.  On the "cooler" 90 degree days, we spend most of our time at the water parks or pools. 

We did our best to convert the back deck to a water wonderland.  
Btw, this water table is the best.  On cooler days we fill it with water beads.

 It's much more "water" than "wonder". 

 Dinner with some of his buds.

Bounce house at Ribfest.

Also seen at Ribfest..

This is a food truck that a friend of mine runs... might recognize him as this guy:

We've spent lots of time at the local pools...

 ...and water parks.

With his buddy Brennan.

Nothing like playing some soccer in a wide open field in this heat. 

At least he looks good doing it.

This hairdo is brought to you by sweat.

But really, enough with this heat.

One day we took him to the children's center at the Swedish Museum. 
You read that right.

Free kid's concert in the park.

Another desperate day brought to you by The Dollar Store (empty canister w/ a hole cut in it for him to push pom poms through).  

Even Miles has been looking for new ways to play with his toys.

Here are a bunch of ladies dancing for Miles with scarves.
No big deal.

Tova came to visit and the lovebirds were at it again.

It's not all Miles Miles Miles. 
The hubs and I got a night out downtown with his work.

But enough about us. 

We took Miles to a Children's Museum out in the burbs.
This thing was as confusing for him as it was amazing. 

As was this:

Did I mention it's hot as hell here?

I'll wrap it up with this blurry cute pic of Miles and his cousins visiting him all the way from London.

Oh, you want an encore?  You got it.

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  1. Excuse me. I was there for an entire week and there's no mention of that? I see how it is.