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Monday, July 9, 2012

June Jubilee

We recently spent the weekend in Kansas City,... Kansas?  Missouri?  I don't really know what state we were in.  It's all very confusing (probably not though).  We were there for my cousins' 50th wedding anniversary turned family reunion.  The last time we were all together was my wedding in 2008 and since then our family has added five new cousins to the bunch (with one more on the way very soon!).  Needless to say, it was so fun meeting all the new kiddos.  Although I guess I just said it.  First, I gotta give a little shout out to O'Hare Airport.  That's right, the airport.  They have a little Children's Museum outpost (is that the right word?) which just happened to be right by our gate.  

I'm not sure what the theme was- frogs, baseball, whatever... but Miles loved it and we almost missed our flight.  Anyway, on to KC.  We spent the afternoon catching up with everyone... no, wait.  We spent it in a dark hotel room waiting for Miles to wake up from his nap.  Then we got to hang out with everyone.  

 All (well, almost all) the cousins.  
Trey, April, Brooke, Dan, Pike, and Powell, we missed yall!

Our little family unit.

My cousins David and Nancy have a fantastic new business, Prairie Fire Oven, which is a mobile wood-fired oven that they take with them to cater events, so they hosted dinner at their house and provided the pizzas.  Such a fun business, such delicious pizza. 


Maybe the missing cousins didn't show up because they had a feeling all of their old talents would be put on display, like after dinner when our Top Ten list was read or the following day when old home videos were played.  Hmmm...

Something about their house made Michael seem shorter than everyone else (blue shirt in the back).

The next morning we all went to the best petting zoo I've ever been to.  Usually it's just an afterthought at some zoo with a couple of chickens and goats, but there was so much here for Miles to see and do.


Taking a break.

Riley doing some horseback riding.

Hope you didn't like that shirt, Dad.

The baby goats were the biggest hit.

 Hey, this goat is my size.

These goats were bonkers.  
Eating everyone's clothes, knocking you down for a sip of milk...

Not everyone was a fan.

I still can't believe Miles tolerated this:

Then we were off for an afternoon of trampolining, KC bbq, and home videos (every time us cousins got together when we were kids, we put on shows, which usually was one long Johnny Carson sketch where we showed off our best impersonations... which apparently were Hans and Frans, Dorothy and Toto, and Miss America.  Makes sense.).  You know who probably loved it?  Michael.  Because I'm pretty sure most people love watching other people's home videos. 

That night was the big shindig celebrating 50 years of marriage for Carole and Al.  I mean, come on people.  Fifty years!  I know this picture is a little hard to see (nothing quite like a picture of a picture) but I love it.  It looks so old Hollywood.


Less than everyone.

Me Michael, me hungry.

The happy couple.

Party in the USA.

The next morning we all enjoyed a final meal together.  My sister, Courtney, had a delicious breakfast of eggs benedict and fresh fruit and regaled the table with stories of her life back in Austin.

No wait.  That last part isn't true.  She holed up in the hotel until checkout and then threw up in my cousin's front yard while everyone watched.  

Not the first time (see here).  

Sorry sis, we only tell the truth here at Shut Up Duffy.

Congratulations Carole and Al!  Thanks for staying married so we could all hang out again!


  1. Rebecca, Great seeing you guys. I love your writing style