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Monday, February 18, 2013

I Two Now!

48 hours ago, Miles would say "I only one".  Now it's "I two now", as he tries to figure out how to hold up only two fingers.  I can't believe this sweet little boy who is counting to twenty, playing matching games like it's his job, and waking up singing "Happy Birthday to Miles" is the same little boy who, just one year ago was a new walker, babbling all the time, and usually pretty content to just play with a few balloons.  It is amazing how much growing up they do in a year.  

Here is the little nugget on his first day in this world.

Celebrating his first birthday

Second birthday.  This was taken at his birthday party, the day before his actual birthday.  There was more cake and singing and presents the following day because, as many of you know, we don't do one-day birthday celebrations in this household.
His birthday party went great.  I kind of pictured a house full of screaming crying children refusing to share toys but I had nothing to worry about.  The kids did great and hey, so did the adults for that matter.  We are so lucky to live in a home now where we have the room to invite all of our friends over to celebrate and not feel crowded.  It is an amazing feeling to look around a room and see all of your friends from different groups mingling and enjoying each other's company.  At least, I hope they were enjoying each other.  Maybe they hated each other.  Ok, it at least looked like they enjoyed themselves.  Good enough.
We did a firetruck theme.  Miles must have been really busy at his party because the next day (I still had a lot of the decor up) he said, "Wow, firetrucks!".  Yeah kid, where have you been the last 24 hours?
Here's something.  When you bring in balloons from being outside in 20 degree weather, they expand from the heat and start popping.  So don't do that.  
Gotta keep the bar stocked...
... says Jack.
Toy disaster.
In typical Miles fashion, as soon as we finished singing "Happy Birthday" he said, "Again?"
He started hiding towards the end of the party.  Loud and clear kiddo, time for bed. 

The next day it was time for more presents and cake.
Posing with his gifts.
He would open some presents and say, "Wow!"  or "Oh my goodness!".  
So completely adorable.

Happy Birthday kiddo, we love you!


  1. i'm so sad I missed it! Amazing job Rebs, looks so fun!! We must get together soon-- let me know if you're available for lunch maybe on a wednesday.