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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Not To Jinx It But My Kid Is Taking A Three Hour Nap

This benefits you if you are at work and bored and want to stare at pics of someone else's kid (because, really, why wouldn't you?) and it benefits me because I can eat my Cheezits in peace.  While it lasts, here are a couple random things that have been going on around here lately.

We finally FINALLY had a pleasant experience with getting Miles' hair cut.  In case you don't recall, this ordeal has always been a flipping nightmare...

I actually have no further proof that he hates it because all of the following trips to Snippets resulted in him grasping at me and screaming to get him out of there.  Those pictures only exist because my parents were there.  Anyway.  Hopefully the last cut wasn't a one time deal.

In other news, Miles really likes hiding.  Unfortunately, he doesn't like telling anyone when he's going to hide. We found him in the broom closet during his birthday party.  No idea how long he was in there.  The other day I was brushing my teeth and I thought he was watching cartoons.  When I realized he was gone and searched the entire upstairs (he rarely climbs stairs without us and Michael rarely forgets we rarely forget to lock the stair gates), I went downstairs to search.  Could not find the child.  Then I heard a noise and I opened up the cabinet to find this:
Once again, mom of the year over here has no idea how long he was hiding in there.

Speaking of mom of the year, I took this picture before I helped him out.

My sister taught him how to roll his eyes at me.  Thank you for that, Coco.

Last night our backyard got it's very first snowman.  Miles is also learning to shovel snow.  I'm hoping he gets good enough at it so that I never have to help.

And he's awake.  Let's just all say a little prayer that this happens again one day, shall we?  

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