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Friday, February 15, 2013

Remember When We Were Homeless?

Also, remember when I used to update this blog?  I'm going to try and get back on track but I'm pretty sure every time I promise that I end up watching LMN during naptime instead of sitting in front of the computer and I can't honestly say which I enjoy more (yes I can, you just don't want to know).  So we will see how this goes.  But for now, here I am.  There are two main reasons I have this blog.  One is to keep my friends and family that live all over the country updated on our lives.  The other is to document our lives for myself since there is no way I have time to scrapbook it.  So to that end, I have to bore you with some recapping before I can get fully caught back up.  A warning: this will probably last for several posts.

Back in November (yes, we are actually doing this), we had a few weeks in between the time our condo sold and when our new home would be ready.  I migrated south while Michael crashed at a friend's house since he had to stay behind for work (and, apparently, to rack up parking tickets).  Since my mom is the director of the Mother's Day Out program, we decided to enroll Miles in school for a whopping two weeks. He did amazing.  He only cried a few minutes the first day I left him and then went about his day.

Nana and Pops made sure he was stylin' with his new backpack and sleep mat.

He even got his own cubby.

Every day they had play time, music class, playground time, art time, lunch, and naptime.  It was sadder than I thought it would be dropping him off that first day, but I was so incredibly proud of him.

As usual, Nana and Pops made sure his days were filled with fun activities...

Pretty sure we need this for the backyard.

And this.

This restaurant is genius.  There's a big play area with a sandbox nearby the tables so after dinner you can have a few Shiners while the kids burn off extra energy.  You listening, Chicago?

Miles was a fan of the live band.

Both Auntie Coco and Michael came in town for the weekend.  First up, a trip to Hermann Park.

Pretty sure this was larping.  Positive that it was amazing.

Reading to Coco.

One of Miles' favorite activities was throwing the rocks from Pops' garden into the grass (fun for when Pops mows the lawn next).  We did not do much to discourage him.  Also, can we talk about the nonsense of these flags?

Another favorite- playing under the magnolia tree.

He liked putting acorns in the tree, Boo Radley- style.

Who's up in the tree?  

I miss the oak trees that are everywhere.

Hiding under the lemon tree.

There was an absurd amount of acorns everywhere.  At one point Miles slipped on them cartoon-style.  Mother of the year over here wishes she had it on film.

File this lizard under: Things we don't see in Chicago.

Meghan came for a visit and promptly showed Miles better ways to throw the rocks.

Not sure who is having more fun- Meghan or Miles.

I returned the visit a few days later and headed to Austin for 24 hours of shenanigans.

After that, it was time to head back to Chicago and move into our new home!

Thanks for bearing with me here, peeps.

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