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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow! (I Say With an Exclamation Point Although All I Really Want is for it to be Summer Already)

So far this winter, Miles has not been very excited to be in the snow.  Exhibit A:
Small possibility that it was because we borrowed snow boots five sizes too big for him and he couldn't lift his legs to walk in them. 
But after a recent heavy snowfall and new size-appropriate boots, he was finally happy to head out into the snow.  Luckily he isn't too concerned with how he looks in all his gear.
He loves his little shovel and talks all the time about helping Daddy shovel the snow.

When it's warmer out and there's no snow on the ground he likes to tell me about how all the ice and snow is all gone because Daddy and Miles shoveled it all.
Right across the street from us is a little "hill" that is just perfect for sledding.  Target had all their sleds on clearance in January.  I like that they are thinking positive about an early spring.  I won't argue.

Miles and his besties

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