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Monday, April 1, 2013

This Is A Post About Easter

Here is the thing about being a toddler.  You don't understand the whole idea behind something being temporary.  I mean, I move his desk 5 feet away to vacuum under it and he completely loses his mind until I put it back in it's original spot.  This past weekend we had friends in town which included their 2 year old son.  Miles loved having a built-in playmate.  Every morning he'd say, "Go downstairs and play with Kevin".  First of all, the kid's name was Evan.  But Miles has a friend named Kevin and as much as we tried for four straight days, his name remained Kevin.  Back to my point.  They left Sunday morning and after waking up from his afternoon nap, Miles said, "I go play with Kevin now!".  When we told him that Kevin (he even had us calling him that after awhile) had to go back home to Michigan, the poor little guy stuck out his bottom lip and got tears in his eyes.  Heartbreak.  Aside from the devastation he felt for about three minutes (because a cheese stick fixes everything), we had a really great weekend.  

The weather here has been so depressing (it's April 1st and it's 34 degrees) but we thankfully had a nice weekend.  Nice meaning the high was somewhere around 48 degrees, but it meant we got to leave the house.  We spent lots of time at the parks, took the kids to the zoo, and the dads took them swimming (indoors) while the moms got mani/pedis.  The night before Easter the kids decorated Easter eggs.  They pretty much all broke when they started dropping the eggs into the dye meaning our fridge now smells like boiled eggs, but they enjoyed themselves.  Btw, egg dye is really hard to get out.  Come on egg dye people. You can make 3-D egg dye but not make it washable?  Let's fix this.

Easter morning Miles eagerly followed the bunny footprints to find his Easter basket.

Then peered out the window to see all the eggs the bunny hid.


Any eggs they didn't break the night before were definitely broken as they were thrown into their baskets.  Not that they cared since the only important thing was that the plastic ones had snacks in them.  "Kevin" and his parents left a little while after that and our little family headed out to the park after a quick walk over to Starbucks. 

On the walk home he discovered, just like every little boy does at some point, that sticks and fences are an amazing combination.

Happy Easter!  Or I guess Happy April Fools, officially.

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