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Friday, April 19, 2013

We're Back... And Not All That Happy About It

It's April 19th and it's snowing.  SNOWING.  48 hours ago I was wearing tank tops and flip flops.  I'm mad  about this.  And I'm mad I can't blame someone.  That's all I have to say about it, just lodging a formal complaint to the four-ish people that read this thing.  

I considered being lazy and waiting six months to write this like I usually do, but decided that maybe if I write this somewhat on time, I'll get less snarky comments (though by writing that, I've pretty much guaranteed that they will arrive in my inbox anyway).

So we went.  And despite a two hour delay, Miles was a rock star on the plane.

Miles' first order of business was to head straight to Pops' garden and throw all of his perfectly placed rocks onto the sidewalk (per tradition).

Nana and Pops kept him busy as usual.  Miles tried his first beignet.  At first, there was excitement:

Then tentativeness:


And finally, bearing the powder marks of a delicious pastry being enjoyed:

There were lots of trips to the park across the street:

Ok, perhaps I should have taken a picture of my kid instead of this one, but I couldn't resist getting this kid on film.  I mean, he's wearing spurs.  I love it.  Anyway, Miles loves this park.  Especially the hill (as do I since it means all that running up and down the hill leads to really long naps).  

Trying out new looks while in town.

Nana made him this great table that he used for play-doh and art projects.

Speaking of Nana, he was able to attend her school for a few days while in town.  This is usually the section where I go on and on bitching about how Chicago doesn't offer anything like this for kids his age unless you want to pay college tuition prices to send them to one of the five schools that let you drop off your kids for two hours a day, twice a week... but I won't do that today.  Once again, they said he did great and got along with all of the other kids really well.  He was the only child in class to call out the food that the Very Hungry Caterpillar ate and yes, I'm very proud of him for it.  They also said he was so cheerful and that they'd hear him on the playground singing to himself.  This is the only picture I got, but it's obviously a stellar one worth putting on the blog (back of his head top left, eating lunch).

Butterfly project and report card from day one:

Another thing Miles loved is this play place called Wonder Wild.  He's used to our limited space play areas in Chicago so to be in one located in a big warehouse was a treat for him.  

I don't really know why but this car thing cracks me up:

Other highlights included a visit from Auntie Coco & Daddy over the weekend...
(after a fall in the mud)

Petting the caterpillars in the backyard (and watching them turn into cocoons!)

And lots of playdates with Jack and Tova

Towards the end of the trip, our friends came over for a bbq.  We used to have these all the time and they would last well into the night.  While it was a lot of fun, I have to say it was quite a different experience compared to bbqs in the past.  The kids outnumbered the adults, the party ended while the sun was still out, and there was beer leftover.
Miles supervising.

King's new little nugget.

Two other highlights worth mentioning:  Michael and I snuck out for a delicious lunch at Taco Milagro.

(obviously we had to test out every single sauce)

The other is this:

Michael will kill me for this but it was just too hilarious to ignore.  My parents have two rocking chairs on the front porch that are fairly old and have been weathering the elements outside for years.  Unfortunately for Michael, this particular rocker decided it was time to go at the precise moment he sat in it.  More unfortunately for him, we were all outside to witness it (along with our neighbors).  

The best part though was Miles' reaction.  After studying it from all angles, he said, "I'm gonna go get my screwdriver" and headed inside.  

We had a great visit and can't wait to go back (considering this weather, I'm already looking at flights).


  1. I'm assuming that was Godwin park? I used to love that hill and I dream of taking my kids there when I am Houston but somehow never make it over that way.

    Oh and Miles is ridiculously cute!

  2. so fun! i'm so sick of this weather dragging on...better be the best summer ever:)

  3. It is Godwin! He loves that park so much. I'm sad everytime we walk by your house. Mostly b/c you're not there (not that you would be even if you lived in Houston) but also b/c they don't take care of it at all.