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Thursday, June 20, 2013

In Popular Culture This Week...

... I just have two little tidbits to add.  

One.  I worked on season five of "The Sopranos".  Here's a picture that makes it look like we filmed it in the 1950's.

Usually when people ask me what certain celebrities are like, I either disappoint them or I just lie gloss over the details so as to not disappoint them.  James Gandolfini does not fall into either category.  He was one of the nicest guys I have ever worked with.  I left the show a little early because I had just come off of working a full season on "Ed" with no breaks and was feeling completely burnt out.  16-20 hour days will do that to you.  This did not sit well with everyone that I was leaving early but despite that fact, JG made my last day fun rather than awkward, joking around all day.  After the last shot he, well, passed out shots.  He was a great guy and I'm sad he's gone.

Two.  On a lighter note, remember when I spent most of my pregnancy watching "Veronica Mars"?    Well, I'm super duper excited that the movie finally started shooting this week!  Yahoo!!!

Oh that?  
That's just the coozie that the creator's wife gave my sister to give me.  
I know, I really have the hookup.

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