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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Auntie and the Bestie

First, since Google Reader is ending soon, I think that some of you might need to change the way my new posts arrive.  Someone mentioned that the updates are no longer being emailed to her and another friend said they are no longer showing up on her Reader.  I don't know what to tell you because I'm worried I'm about to lose my own list of blogs I follow.  I started trying out Feedly, which seems to do the trick.  Basically I can be of no help except to say that if you used to get emails with updates and aren't anymore... um... re-subscribe I guess?  Hopefully you find that uber-helpful.  Moving on.

My sister Courtney and friend Meghan came to visit us clowns in Chicago recently.  Meghan came for the first weekend and my sister stayed through the next week.  Free babysitter what what!  I don't have much proof that either of them were here, but I swear this is them.

 And I swear that's them again.

And yeah, I really appreciate all the comments lately about our fancy furniture.  Even my sister has something to say.  Keep it coming, jerks.  

Highlights of the visit included eating ribs and deep fried bacon at Ribfest...

...Not to mention the kid's area...

...And going to the beach.

I'll be honest, my sister already covered most of the trip here and here and since we have a lot of duplicate readers, I'll wrap it up.  She has some good videos in there as well.

Lots of fun to have those gals stay with us.  
Come back soon, please!


  1. The dead person in the pink shirt has a beer next to her. Definitely Meghan.