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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's Almost Christmas... what better time to post about Thanksgiving?  You know that Strawberry Shortcake episode where Strawberry meets Orange Blossom in Central Park and OB is painting a seascape while looking at the park?  And OB explains that the last time she was at the seaside, she didn't have her paints with her so she kept it in her memory and is painting it now?  And that next week she'll be in the mountains and will paint the flowers in the park?  Yeah, you know that episode.  That's kind of what this blog has become.  Only instead of forgetting my paints (computer), I just got lazy.  For the last 82 or so posts.  You're totally following this, right?  Great.

So.  Thanksgiving.  This is how the trip usually goes:  fly from Chicago to Houston.  Drive to Shreveport.  Drive to Austin.  Drive to Houston.  Fly to Chicago.  Without children.  This year we attempted this with a child.  And you know who was great the entire time?  The child.  You know who was cranky the whole time?  Yours truly.  I used to love this trip but this time around I just felt like it was too much travelling and I never felt like I was able to relax.  Don't get me wrong, I love going down there and seeing relatives I only get to see once a year, but we might have to come up with a new plan when the current plan doesn't let us stay in one place for more than two days.  So I present to you what might be the last Chi-Hou-Shv-Atx-Hou-Chi trip for awhile.

We were in Houston for a hot minute before we had to pack up and head to Shreveport.  

This kid hates getting messy, so this is how he ate his cinnamon rolls.

Best road trip breakfast ever.

When we got to Shreveport, he discovered my Aunt Diane's playroom.  
After looking around at all the toys he said, "I can't believe this!"

He LOVED playing with his cousins.  
We have to get these knuckleheads together more often.

  Feeding the turtles.

He was convinced the dogs were going to eat him.  
Though that didn't really seem to bother him, it was more of an observation of his.

Thanksgiving appetizers.

It was a low pie turnout this year.

I may or may not have had a slice of each.

Have you met my 6'6" husband?
This is where he slept.  It was amazing.

Then it was off to Austin.  First up, breakfast at Torchy's.

We dropped Michael off at Plucker's to watch the Michigan game and headed over to Zilker Park to ride the train.  We'll catch up with Michael in a bit.  

Headed over to Toy Joy, the kiddo sure knows how to entertain a crowd.

 Here's my dad lying down on 6th street.  Sanitary and fun.

Delicious lunch at Contigo.

And back to check in on Michael at Pluckers.  
Looks like he made some friends.
Unfortunately, the game didn't end as he hoped.
Might as well sleep it off in front of Whole Earth Provisions.

 Alamo Drafthouse for dinner and a movie.  
More specifically, all of Tom Hanks movies.
More specifically, a spoof of all of them, Happy Hanksgiving!

And a happy sendoff back to Houston care of Freebirds.

And that's it!  I'll be back on Valentines Day to recap Christmas.

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