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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Holiday Recap

First up, I've got a few new posts up on Chicago Mom Source.  Be sure to check it out if you are in the mood to hear me pretend I know what I'm doing out there in the mom world.

Next we've got a quick holiday recap.  I say quick because I wasn't so good about taking pictures this time around.  Nevertheless... 

Early on in December, the kiddo's class "wrote" letters to Santa.
All this kid talked about the entire month of December was getting jingle bells (not sure what the deal is with that computer since he has owned it for two years now).
So one glorious day, his Elf on a Shelf, Emmay, delivered the goods. 

It was a good day.

We took a ride on the Santa train.

Braved the cold and went downtown to the Christkindle Market, where I basically complained about the cold for two hours, got a pic with Santa, and gave the kiddo the biggest pretzel he'd ever seen (which he laughed about for 15 minutes). 

 The snow has been out of hand this winter.  One night we wanted to go to dinner with friends and had to resort to getting there by sled.  At least the kids loved it.

Thrilled about his new winter hat.

 Christmas day in Michigan arrived and good lord opening presents took forever.  It wasn't that there were so many, it was that for the kiddo, it was definitely a marathon versus a sprint.  He wouldn't open the next present until the current present had been sufficiently played with.  

Keeping up with a family tradition, on "Christmas Eve #2" back in Chicago, we made homemade pizzas.

 New tradition: sending Michael out to chop wood.

Moving right along, we held our second annual NYE party at our home.

There was also a second annual champagne fountain. 

So that's it.  Kind of a choppy little post here for you, but better than last year when I just totally skipped over the entire holiday season.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and is appreciating the 40 degree weather everywhere else in the country while we are snowed in and have hit temps as low as 40 below.  Just saying.

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