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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Return of Thundersnow and Other Things of Note

Well people, it's still cold here.  Do you know how sad it is that I'm looking forward to Thursday when it will get up to a whopping 42 degrees?  Unfortunately it's back down to 21 after that, but what a glorious day Thursday will be.  Yesterday, in honor of the kiddo's third birthday, we were hit with another round of thundersnow.  The last time Chicago saw this weird weather situation it was right around the time I was preparing to bring the little guy into the world so that was a nice reminder of me trying to figure out how I would be getting to the hospital.  

The hubs and I are taking a little vacation to New Orleans and Miami soon.  Yes, I will be pregnant but I refuse to call it what it is (ends with "moon", starts with "baby").  Barf.  Any recommendations for things to do and places to eat at are appreciated.  I've been to both but NOLA only as a drunk college kid and Miami for a bachelorette party (which was fun, but fully planned out for me).  So get to it.  Thanks.

The kiddo loves the Olympics.  Mostly he loves the Olympic rings, countdown clocks, and when people "get necklaces" for winning.  And when people fall.  So we're obviously raising a sweet, sympathetic kid.

The other night I rickrolled myself.  Not a lie.  I was awake, fell asleep for about 10 seconds (which is just enough time to get rickrolled), and it woke me right up.  It was kind of amazing.

I got the very last Hopslam that we knew of in the city.  The other customers were not thrilled that a preg woman was the lucky one.  Now I just have to sit tight for another 3 1/2 months to enjoy it.  

Big boy bed is in full effect.  It is ridiculous.  We went with a queen bed which is already just too big for a three year old but then we also have this really big box spring which lifts the bed so high off the ground that even I have to climb up into it.  But he loves it.  And brought just about every toy he owns with him.

His class had a Valentine's day party.  We were all supposed to bring Valentine's cards for everyone and put them in each child's box.  The boxes themselves were hilarious:

Here are some of the cards that his classmates brought in:

Cute, huh?  Here was ours:

Perforated edges and all.  
Guess I know for next time.

Birthday recap and a story about how we almost moved to Houston coming soon.

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