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Friday, March 28, 2014

Five On Friday: First Go At This


1. This commercial that is making the rounds lately.  Forget Jared, he went to The Dump!

2. This poor baby.  The second child syndrome is in full effect.  I found ultra sound pictures wadded up at the bottom of my purse.  The picture below is the very first one I've taken of me being officially pregnant.  And it's at 26 weeks (I'm at 30 now).  Pathetic.

3. I'm still guest blogging over on Chicago Mom Source although to be fair, my posts are getting fewer and further in between.  I used to use naptime to clean up, get things done around the house, and have some blogging quiet time, but those days are over.  I am completely exhausted halfway through the day so most days I'm joining in on nap time.  That being said, I am trying my best to keep up over there with the other talented ladies.  Click here to read a few of my posts that I've contributed (I'm working on getting a permanent link up on the side bar but this will have to do for now).  

4. We picked up Babar from the library the other day.  I definitely did not remember how the story started:

A hunter shoots at them?  Kills Babar's mom??  This turn of events took me totally off guard and I found myself blubbering something about a guy with a water squirter and um uh Babar didn't like water so uhh he ran away.  To which the kiddo replied, "But what about his mommy?  Where did she go?"  Uhhhh she doesn't like water either.  Let's read another book.

5.  This is a shelf in the kiddo's room where he puts all of his stuff.  I love it.  It  looks like a shot from the opening credits of Winnie the Pooh where you see all of Christopher Robin's treasures.  We've got dice, glass rocks, "noculars", a piggy bank, and Mardi Gras coins.  The only thing missing is his stick collection that I make him keep in the garage.  Such a boy.

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